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28-Jan-2017 23:41

A complete web site for dating (node js ,angular mongodb express , mongoose, bootstrap) I am planning to domain this site soon and sill I am sharing all of the source code.The site is 60% ready, and it has the following components.There may not be enough people doing it yet that you could call it a trend, but it is sort of a thing. Here are a few other singles we’ve found who have taken the same path: We seem to be at an interesting moment where the lonely now have both the ability to meet each other in real life—like our parents did for millennia—and the ability to leverage the Internet so that a sea of possibilities is constantly at our fingertips. One Observer writer has argued that the sense of endless potential presented by online dating has changed the game by giving us a false sense of infinite options. If this wasn’t working out the way I wanted to, what could I do to change the game?

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