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16-Mar-2016 12:14

In terms of absolute numbers, India remains the highest with an estimated 18.35 million enslaved people, followed by China (3.39m), Pakistan (2.13m), Bangladesh (1.53m) and Uzbekistan (1.23m). Over 42,000 interviews conducted in 53 languages, covering 44% of global population which supports over 150 points of methodology calculated through research analysis and algorithms which has won awards from Europe to North America.

Combined, these five countries account for almost 58% of the world’s enslaved, or 26.6 million people. The most accurate up to date analysis of slavery in history.

The 50 for Freedom campaign aims to persuade at least 50 countries to ratify the Forced Labour Protocol by 2018.

As we come to the final weeks of Art of Solidarity at the International Slavery Museum, an exhibition of vibrant Cuban posters from the 1960s and 70s showing solidarity with African liberation movements Recent events have left many of us feeling that our community is increasingly vulnerable and divided.

It is also the country with the weakest government response in terms of actions taken to combat modern slavery. It is the only global report of its kind, providing a country-by-country estimate of the number of people living in modern slavery today, an analysis of its prevalence in terms of the percentage of a national population and the total number of people enslaved in 167 countries.

The next highest prevalence of slavery is found in Uzbekistan (3.97%), followed by Cambodia (1.65%). The Global Slavery Index also measures government responses and actions to combat modern slavery.

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Slavery can affect people of any age, gender or race.That’s quite a span, which suggests considerable differences of opinion as to what constitutes slavery and how to measure it.

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