Linq submitchanges not updating database

30-Sep-2016 14:18

You can use the database create script at the bottom of this page in the section Creating a test database to do this.

To run the My Database Create Script, open the View menu, and then choose SQL Server Object Explorer or choose the Ctrl , Ctrl S keys.

This walkthrough explains how to use the Sql Data Connection (LINQ to SQL) type provider that is available in F# 3.0 to generate types for data in a SQL database when you have a live connection to a database.

If you do not have a live connection to a database, but you do have a LINQ to SQL schema file (DBML file), see Walkthrough: Generating F# Types from a DBML File. These tasks must be performed in this order for the walkthrough to succeed: On a server that's running SQL Server, create a database for testing purposes.

To detect such situations, Linq Connect checks not only the primary key in the 'where' clause of update and delete commands, but the values of other columns as well.

Thus, in case of a concurrency conflict the latter update will fail, meaning that no rows will be updated.

Linq Connect implements the optimistic concurrency approach: it is supposed that different users rarely change the same data, so the data are not locked when being retrieved from the database.

But suppose the following occurs: Unless some validations are performed at the last step, the intermediate change (the one performed by another user) will be lost.

If the table object was null, the I set the Update flag to false.

3) How do you create these loading/saving web services while keeping the amount of data passed across the wire to a minimum?