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28-Jan-2017 11:03

Jake needs to get him image in order and Charlotte just wants to lose weight.They both thought they could handle this agreement (how?Case in point, the hullabaloo that erupted in the wake of the Cheerios commercial depicting an interracial couple (BM/WW) and their adorable bi-racial daughter.

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This is likely a reflection of the fantasy aspect of romance as a genre, at least for readers of color: escaping the burden of having to think about the difficulties cross-race romance might entail in real life might be a large part of the pleasure in reading interracial romances.

In addition to the visual media now depicting interracial couples as "normal" (thanks largely in part to Shonda Rimes and her stable of shows), there is also a burgeoning genre in literature that only a few seem to know about. At least one mainstream romance reader in the comments section of a romance book blog seemed taken aback by what she mused was a growing proliferation of romance novels depicting white heroes and black heroines in love matches.