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02-Jan-2017 03:41

Playing the biggest star in the world, it’s kind of interesting, putting me into the headspace of a guy who can do anything he wants. In the last episode, we saw Megan lose a film role to another actress who has a bigger name, and that’s what this business is. We’re also portraying the Institute of the Higher Mind, a self-help organization, but it shows you what power some organizations might have in this business.He can hop on a private jet, he can fly to anywhere in the world, he has access to everything. It’s something that I, as an actor, you would, hopefully, aspire to have a big film career but I would never want to be at his level because that life would be pretty tough. This business is all about relationships and, obviously, can get really dark really quickly.

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On Instagram, where she caters to more than a million followers, she declares herself a multi-hyphenate, or, in more recent terminology, a slasher: She is a “wife/actress/artist/author/designer.” And she has the cred to back up each title. ’ But yeah, she was super excited.” The pair came up with a trio of shades with accompanying lip liners, made up mostly of nudes, which corresponds to Evangelista’s personal beauty philosophy.

“I’ve been through so much in my life,” she goes on.