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Two Ukrainians calling themselves hacktivists have given the BBC access to what they say are thousands of emails they claim to have pried out of the Kremlin.

The best online dating sites in Ukraine are equal in quality to the best online dating sites in Russia.

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A ceasefire agreement established a de facto dividing line between Ukrainian government-controlled and non-government controlled areas of Ukraine, with a limited number of operational checkpoints controlled by government and Russian-led separatist forces.There’s already ample evidence that Russia is supplying weapons and is involved in the war.But beyond the content of the emails, the hack itself is noteworthy."A Soviet hotel and restaurant classic which has no pre-revolutionary history as far as I have been able to discover," she writes dismissively. The Chicken Kiev I was served at the Kievsky Hotel President, formerly the Intourist, was a sorry beast. Undaunted, I continued my search for enlightenment.

Perhaps the best place to sample the dish was a Soviet-type hotel? It came with two mounds of rice, a pile of pickled cabbage, a few mushy vegetables of indeterminate origin and, worst of all, a film of melted butter on the bottom of the plate. "Would I like Tabasco, mayonnaise or ketchup with my main course? Vyacheslav Kozachuk is the head chef at Kozak Mamai, a cossack-theme restaurant bedecked with quivers of arrows, muskets, spears and animal hides and one room decorated to give you the impression you are on board a cossack canoe.

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